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Andorra Walking Festival 2022 · 6 excursions + 7 nights
The AWF 2022 will last for 6 days, from September 11 to 17, 2022. It is divided into two main axes: hiking in the mornings and until early afternoon and complementary activities (Romanesque, museums, local cuisine and tastings, conferences, etc...), during the rest of the afternoon.
The languages ​​of the guided tours will be: Catalan, Spanish, French and English. Although the website will be in German, we cannot guarantee guided tours in this language. All participants will be covered by accident insurance.
· A daily outing with a QUALIFIED MOUNTAIN GUIDE FOR EVERY 15 TREKKERS (whenever possible).
· All necessary TRANSFERS from the town of Soldeu. The transfers to the beginning of the excursions and the return of these. Also the necessary transfers to carry out the corresponding complementary activities (cultural visits, etc…).
· DAILY PICNIC, whose composition will be made public later. In the case of participants with food intolerances, they must notify the organization at the time of registration.
· WELCOME BAG, with COMMEMORATIVE TECHNICAL T-SHIRT and promotional products. At the time of registration, each participant must determine their size.
· All the COMPLEMENTARY ACTIVITIES (museums, churches, tastings, conferences, etc…).
· Participation in the CLOSING PARTY, with barbecue and live music.
*The AWF organization will contact you to select the level of the starts, size of the shirt and other important information. For more than 2 people or with children, you can contact us to make your reservation at +376.878.515 or recepcio@hotelhimalaiasoldeu.com.
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• Hotel Himàlaia Soldeu
• Hotel Piolets Soldeu Center
Hotel Himàlaia Soldeu

SUNDAY 11 September

The reception of the participants and the delivery of their accreditations will be carried out.
Hotel Himàlaia Soldeu

MONDAY 12 September Vall d'Incles

Of glacial origin, amplitude, aesthetics and beauty. Surrounding this valley we find 10 lakes, 3 mountain refuges and different peaks, which makes this place an ideal playground for hiking in Andorra at any level.
Complementary activity:
• Soldeu: Tasting of Andorran craft beers and cured meats from the country (in the afternoon).
Hotel Himàlaia Soldeu

TUESDAY 13 September La Vall del Madriu

The valley, clearly of glacial origin, contains many of the stages that can be found in the Pyrenees, starting with the montane stage at 1,000 meters and ending with the alpine stage at the summit of La Portelleta, at 2,905 meters, without forgetting the high mountain lakes, such as Blau or La Nou in Perafita.
Complementary activity:
• Visit to the Camí Hidroeléctric d'Engolasters with FEDA guides.
Hotel Himàlaia Soldeu

WEDNESDAY 14 September Vall de Sorteny

On this outing, our guides will discover the traditional use of plants (more than 750 species), the life of shepherds in the high mountains, as well as the influence of human beings on nature. Basically, they will help us interpret the well-preserved landscape that the park presents.

Complementary activity:
• Visit to Espai Columba. National Museum of Andorra (in the afternoon).
Hotel Himàlaia Soldeu

THURSDAY 15 September Vall del Riu

Because access to this valley is exclusively on foot, it has remained a great unknown in the country. It is a valley of glacial origin, like practically all Andorrans, with spectacular views throughout the route and we will enjoy a great biological diversity.

Complementary activity:
• Arrival in Canillo
• Visit to the Motorcycle Museum and Espai Galobardes (afternoon)
Hotel Himàlaia Soldeu

FRIDAY 16 September Pic de Casamanya

The AWF 2022 will move through the geographical center of the country. The Coll d'Ordino road has traditionally been used to join the two main valleys of Andorra, Valira del Nord and Valira d'Orient.

Complementary activity:
• Soldeu: Pairing of CASA RAUBERT Andorran cheeses with wines from the CLOS MONTBLANC winery, DO Conca de Barberà (in the afternoon).
Hotel Himàlaia Soldeu

SATURDAY 17 September Circ de Pessons

It is the largest granite glacial cirque in the Principality and one of the largest in the Pyrenees. Seven summits between 2,500 and 2,800 meters above sea level form a mountainous semicircle inside which there are 20 lakes.

Complementary activity:
• Barbecue and live music.
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