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Hotel Himàlaia Soldeu
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The Himàlaia Soldeu 4 * Hotel is a Bike Experience Hotel located in Soldeu, Andorra, at an altitude of 1,800m, you will discover your potential by sleeping at height.

Andorra is a country to come to for doing sports. If you are a true cycling fanatic, you should know that there are up to 21 mountain passes in Andorra. That is why the Vuelta España and the Tour de France make several stages through this small country.
Once you have arrived to Andorra, it will not be difficult for you to find renowned cyclists, both national and international, such as Adam Yates, Julian Alaphilippe or Purito Rodríguez.
The roads have a perfect asphalt and, in addition, they have information panels of the route to follow for cyclists and in many cases you can use the bike lane.
You should know that it is not necessary for you to bring your bicycle from home since there are many establishments that offer bicycle rental, both mountain and road, as well as other materials such as helmets, shoes or glasses. Now, if you decide to bring your own bicycle to our hotel, you will be able to find anything from a mechanical workshop to a bicycle storage facility.
Find everything you need to organize your cycling holidays with Bike Experience Andorra and discover why this small country located in the heart of the Pyrenees is a true cycling paradise.
Services for cyclists:
Adapted menus
Adapted schedules
Circular routes from the hotel
Secure space to store bikes
Possibility of contracting additional services:
bike rental, guide, massages...
Hotel Himàlaia Soldeu


Workbench and multi tools for caring for your bike.
Hotel Himàlaia Soldeu

Possibility of bringing the bike to the room

Check with reception about the possibility of bringing the bike up to the room.
Hotel Himàlaia Soldeu

Routes and passes of Andorra

We inform you of the best known routes so that you can visit the mountain passes of Andorra.
Hotel Himàlaia Soldeu

Cleaning Area

It is recommended to wash the bicycle after using it to extend the useful life of the components by removing the traces of mud and dirt.
Hotel Himàlaia Soldeu

Bicycle Storage

Video surveillance area with restricted access to store the bicycle.


Hotel Himàlaia Soldeu

Soldeu - Port of Envalira - Pas de la Casa - Porte Puymorens

Cycling route from Soldeu to Porte Puymorens passing through the pass of Envalira, the highest in Andorra at 2,400 meters. Despite not being a circular route, we can do the reverse way to get to Soldeu again. We recommend bringing a windbreaker since in the pass of Envalira it tends to cool.
Hotel Himàlaia Soldeu

Soldeu - Coll de Ordino - Andorra la Vella - Soldeu

Spectacular circular cycling route from Soldeu that allows us to crown the Coll de Ordino, one of the best-known passes in Andorra, reach Andorra la Vella and return to Soldeu. Despite being a moderate level route, we recommend saving your strength for the final section since despite not having a too high slope, the accumulated kilometers can take a toll on our legs.
Hotel Himàlaia Soldeu

Soldeu - Coll d'Ordino - El Forn - Soldeu

This circular route from Soldeu will allow us to visit the town of Ordino by bicycle, passing through the mythical Coll de Ordino, returning to Canillo to ascend to El Forn and return to Soldeu. Without a doubt, repeating the Coll de Ordino will be one of the greatest difficulties of the route, so it is best to save your legs on the first ascent so as not to run out of gas.
Hotel Himàlaia Soldeu

La Massana - Pal Station - Puerto del Cabús - La Massana

Spectacular cycling route with departure and arrival in the center of La Massana. This route will take us to the top of the Pal station and the Port del Cabús so that we can enjoy an unbeatable environment. Despite the fact that the route is of a moderate level, it has points with a 10% drop to put our legs to the test.
Hotel Himàlaia Soldeu

La Massana - Coll de Ordino - Collada de Beixalís - La Massana

Cycling route with departure and arrival in Erts and passing through La Massana, so we can head out to the start or start the route from the center of La Massana. This route will allow us to climb two of the cycling passes of Andorra through which the tour has passed. We recommend keeping your strength at the Coll de Ordino to be able to reach the Collada de Beixalís with energy.
Hotel Himàlaia Soldeu

La Massana - Coll de Ordino - Puerto de Envalira - Collada de Beixalís - La Massana

Complicated circular cycling route with departure and arrival in La Massana. Without a doubt, our main enemy will be the distance since we will have to overcome 80 km and three mythical passes of the Tour (Coll de Ordino, Puerto de Envalira and Collada de Beixalis. The pass of Envalira is the highest in Andorra, 2,400 meters, for which we always recommend to wear a windbreaker.
Hotel Himàlaia Soldeu

La Massana - Puerto del Cabús - Sispony - Ordino - La Massana

A very difficult circular cycling route that will take us up the Puerto del Cabús (passing through the Pal ski resort), visiting the town of Arinsal, doing the Cortals de Sispony road and visiting the town of Ordino passing through Anyós. Undoubtedly, a difficult level route since it is 68 km with a great unevenness to overcome.
Hotel Himàlaia Soldeu

La Massana - Coll de la Gallina - Coll de la Rabassa - La Massana

Circular cycling route that must be done once in a lifetime as it will allow us to crown two of the most famous cycling passes in Andorra. The Coll de la Gallina is a special category pass, common in La Vuelta, with ramps that can reach 11% where you will probably come across one of the many protour cyclists who live in Andorra.
Hotel Himàlaia Soldeu

La Massana - Collada de Beixalís - Sanctuary of Meritxell - Coll de Ordino - Puerto de Arcalís - La Massana

Moderate level cycling route with departure and arrival in the center of La Massana. This route will allow us to discover three of the most famous passes in Andorra and discover the Sanctuary of Meritxell. Although the route is of a moderate level, we can feel like a winner of the Tour ascending to the Ordino-Arcalís station, the end of the stage in several editions of this race.
Hotel Himàlaia Soldeu

La Massana - Coll de la Botella - Puerto del Cabús - Puerto de Arcalís - La Massana

One of the most difficult cycling routes in Andorra. With departure and arrival in La Massana. We will go up the Coll de la Botella and Port del Cabús to end up going up the pass of Arcalís, the end of the Tour stage in several editions. It is important to keep your strength to reach the last ascent with strong legs.
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